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This gift card can be redeemed as cash for tattoos with Becca Joy at The Fig Leaf tattoo shop in Los Angeles. The recipient can simply show the card number to the shop staff at checkout time. This is a perfect gift for tattoo fans who already love Becca’s tattoo work. Please check Becca’s portfolio at @becca__joy¬†on instagram.

Customers will receive a price quote after submitting and having a request approved on the shop’s request form. As of December, 2023, Becca’s half-day rate is $450. If the gift card does not cover the full balance of the tattoo, the customer can pay the difference with cash, venmo, zelle, or credit card.

While the gift card never expires, we encourage our customers to use the gift card within a year as artist availability, pricing, and even tattooing style changes.

The artist reserves the right to refuse a tattoo design idea if they are not confident they can do it well — as a tattoo that they would be proud of. The artist will make every effort to suggest design ideas or modifications to the recipient’s request so that the tattoo can be done to the recipient’s and artist’s satisfaction. Please make sure your recipient will like the style of the tattoo artist based on images in the artist’s portfolio.